Basket Hall sports complex, Kazan

Equipment of the sports complex with LENTA ACS ticketing system. Organization of ticketing system of UNICS professional basketball club.
The project included:
  1. Installation of LENTA ACS ticketing system;
  2. Automation of 2 cashier workstations;
  3. Equipment of the complex with 8 U2013 mobile access control terminals;
  4. Development and launch of an online ticket store on the web site of UNICS PBC.

Basket hall is an indoor multifunctional sports arena in Kazan, the first basketball palace in Russia. It is the home arena of UNICS basketball club (Super League A), one of the most important 2013 Universiade venues in Kazan. In addition, Basket Hall is used for concerts, seminars, and other public events. The main arena seating capacity is 7,500 seats, that of the small arena - 1,500 seats.

Providing the club with an efficient and user-friendly tool to work with both individual sales of tickets and with bookings, quotas, and group reservations. Organization of online tickets sales.