CSKA Universal Sports complex, Moscow

Comprehensive equipment of the sports complex with LENTA ticketing system. 
Providing CSKA professional basketball club with a ticketing system.

Implemented in 2016

LENTA ticketing system deployment project included the following:

1. Equipment of Universal Sports Hall CSKA with LENTA-Sports Palace TSACS hardware and software complex;
2. Providing CSKA professional basketball club with a ticketing system:

Installation of LENTA ticketing system allowed marketing all the ticket mass through all possible online sales channels without using the quota mechanism:

  • ticket offices of USH CSKA, Moscow;
  • city ticket offices;
  • in-house online store;
  • Rambler-Kassa web site any other sales channels at the request of the club (ticket operators, city ticket offices, mobile apps).

Alexander Gomelsky Universal Sports Hall CSKA is one of the most ambitious specialized structures of the Russian capital, designed for the Summer Olympic Games in Moscow. It has a sports playing arena with stands for 4,500 seats.

Gomelsky Sports Hall is the home arena for the main, the youth teams and the children's and youth basketball league of CSKA Professional Basketball Club. CSKA sports school performs its activities in basketball, volleyball, and mini-football in the premises of the complex.
Equipping the complex with a modern ticketing system. Organization of online tickets sale.
Providing the club with efficient and user-friendly tool to work with both individual sales of tickets and with bookings, quotas, and group reservations.