Ticketing and access control system LENTA in the Ice Arena CSKA

Ticketing and access control system LENTA in the Ice Arena CSKA

The Ice Arena CSKA named after V.M. Bobrov (IA CSKA) is a sports structure in Moscow holding 5,500 spectators.It is a home arena for the CSKA hockey club.The sports complex is used for work-outs of the CSKA, "Krasnaya Armiya" hockey teams, children hockey school on a daily basis, as well as for holding the sports competitions - hockey matches within the framework of the Championship policy of the Continental Hockey League and the Youth Hockey League.

In order to increase the spectators' comfort and safety level during matches, improve the fan service quality and promotion of accessibility of tickets and subscriptions for the team's games, the management of the professional hockey club CSKA has decided to implement the up-to-date access control system in the Ice Arena.The implementation partner was Infomatika Company, which is a developer of a ticket sales and access control system LENTA having long experience in automation of sports facilities of various levels.

During the project implementation of the ticket sales and access control system LENTA, the following was performed:

1. Equipment of the server node and personnel work stations;

2. Automation of 4 work stations of cashiers and 3 work stations of managers;

3. Supply of equipment and arrangement of access control in 11 ticket checking points on the basis of manual readers of barcodes and proximity cards LENTA Linea Pro NFC;

4. Supply and installation of equipment for Wi-Fi network of data transfer in the entrance units of the complex;

5. Implementation of the e-shop for tickets of the CSKA PHC;

6. Import of subscriptions from the previous ticketing system to the ACS LENTA;

7. Personnel training and system support.

The system was successfully tested during the match between the CSKA PHC and the HC Slovan on February 21, 2016. The match took place at capacity crowd.

The use of the TSACS LENTA allows:

  • Selling tickets and subscriptions through the facility cash desks, city cash desks, ticket online sales website, automatic self-service terminals, and mobile applications;

  • Performing access control and passage registration;

  • Informing about the reasons of rejection of passage, and attempts of unauthorized access;

  • Performing compartmentalized identification of the system users;

  • Using proximity cards as IDs to pass through the access control system;

  • Receiving financial statements in view of different levels of analytics;

  • Addressing the marketing challenged (discount systems, loyalty programs).     

Due to the project, the management of the PHC CSKA obtained the efficient control tool, and the club fans were provided with the up-to-date service.

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