Russia is my history historical park, Rostov on don

Russia is my history historical park, Rostov on don

Implementation of the ticketing and access control system based  ACS  LENTA-Museum.

Implemented in 2017

  • Implementation of LENTA - Museum ACS ticketing system;
  • Equipping the entrance units with half-height Horizon turnstiles - 4 pcs;
  • Installation of half-height double-leaved gates for people with limited mobility - 4 pcs;
  • WKS of cashiers – 1 pcs;
  • WKS of manager - 1 pcs.

The LENTA-Museum  ticket and access control system allows implementation of the following functions at the complex:
1.       selling the tickets and additional services of the complex (including visitor groups) through both a ticket office and online resources (own internet shop, web-sites if external ticket operators);
2.       visitor access control;
3.       registering complex attendance in various categories;
4.       registering work time of museum interpreters;
5.       reporting of various analysis levels.

    The historical park "Russia is my history" is a unique and the largest multimedia project in Russian Federation. It is a "living" history book, which vividly and fascinatingly recounts the vital milestones in the fate of our country: the Romanovs, Rurikovichs, "1917–1945. From the Great Historical shocks to the Great Victory", from the Victory in the Great Patriotic War up to 2017.

    The project was created by the Patriarchal Council of Culture and the Humanitarian Projects Foundation with the support of the Russian Presidential Administration and the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation. The project is being implemented in 25 Russian cities.

    Infomatika undertakes a comprehensive installation of the ACS LENTA-Museum ticketing and access control system in the "Russia is my history" parks.

    • Automation of ticket selling to visit the historical site and selling the additional services;

    • Visitor access control to the museum complex;

    • Obtaining the convenient tools to sell tickets for visitor groups;

    • Obtaining the true financial and statistical reports.