The mobile access control and payment Station allows paying for passage directly at the turnstile, with the issuance of a fiscal receipt.


Best Innovative Product 2021

Smart turnstile Horizon M.POS is the winner of the annual innovation competition held as part of Securika Moscow, Russia's largest exhibition of advanced achievements in the security industry.



This is the only payment turnstile where payment and fiscal receipt issuance functions are implemented in accordance with Russian legislation

Smart turnstile Horizon M.POS is a fully self-contained device that allows you to provide access using both classic contactless cards and a barcode/QR code, as well as to pay for entry with a contactless bank card or a Troika transport card directly at the turnstile, issuing a fical receipt, in accordance with Russian legislation.


  • Direct payment at the turnstile with issuance of a fiscal receipt

    In similar solutions, payment at the turnstile is used in transport and in the post-payment mode only. I.e., the pass is allowed first, and then the bank charges the payment.

    In our case, the money is debited first, but if the visitor does not turn the turnstile, the transaction is automatically canceled. The allowed transaction amount is up to 1,000 rubles.

    The operation in accordance with the law is supported by sending fiscal data to the FDO and issuing a receipt.

  • Uninterrupted operation even in power failure

    The turnstile can work even if there is no power supply. The built-in UPS guarantees 20 to 30 hours operation (depending on the load).

    You can either quickly replace the batteries (for remote charging), or charge directly in the turnstile.

  • Self-containment

    Work in 2 modes: online and offline, with no need to lay a communication cable to work in the network, because the system uses Wi-Fi wireless technology.

    The identifiers can be downloaded both in batch mode and online, which enables connecting an unlimited number of turnstiles to the system in real time with the control of the identifier uniqueness.

    Offline mode is possible for using access cards and bar/QR codes. Paid access using bank cards or Troika is only possible if there is Internet connection.

  • Mobility

    Horizon M. POS has pre-installed standalone software, an uninterruptible power supply system, and a built-in Wi-Fi module for remote connection to other systems.

    The autonomous mobile platform eliminates the use of wired connections and allows you to move the turnstile around the site and install it at any point without harming the floor covering. The platform is fitted out with built-in retractable rollers which can be removed after the device is installed, making the structure stationary.

    The platform is intentionally weighted to ensure sufficient stability without securing the device to the floor. The turnstile is also movable when switched on.

  • Full functionality

    The system supports the full ACS functionality including logging events, mode control, double entry prohibition, evacuation, reporting, etc.

    It supports all types of barcodes, contactless cards ISO 14443 A/B, including contactless card UID.

  • Controllability

    The system has convenient integration interfaces for connecting to any external information or ticketing systems, but if necessary, it can be easily controlled and configured via a smartphone.

  • Adaptability

    The system is easy to reconfigure allowing you to move, change, and add turnstiles while the system is running.

  • Increased security

    The device is vandal-proof and made of stainless steel. The IP54 enclosure rating ensures protection from moisture and dust and safe outdoor operation.



  • Paid, controlled access of visitors, accredited persons, and staff to the venue where it is impossible or impractical to install a stationary ACS.
  • Paid access at a specified rate (with the ability to quickly switch between rates) without first buying a ticket: festivals and concerts, amusement parks, museums, ice rinks, etc.


  • The access control system (ACS) is needed temporarily and does not involve installation of communications;
  • Low-quality or premium class floor covering that makes it impossible to secure turnstiles to the floor and lay communications under the foundation;
  • The checkpoints layout can be changed;
  • Conducting temporary events on the site;
  • ACS is installed outdoor without the possibility of electricity and communication to be connected.

Example:open-air festivals, exhibitions and conferences, modern multifunctional arenas, where the visitors flow pattern varies depending on the type of event.


  • All components (controller, reader, software) are pre-integrated into the turnstile.Intuitive control via the web interface, from a laptop, smartphone - from any device or from an external system.
  • The payment module is built into the turnstile body and does not interfere with the ergonomics of the finished device.
  • It does not require stationary installation and wired connections
  • Offline operation for up to 30 hours, even when there is no power supply or connection to the server.
  • Flexibility - can work with both payment and classic identifiers-barcodes/QR codes
  • Unlimited functionality in terms of connectivity to external systems and controllability
  • Outdoor design, IP54 enclosure rating against moisture and dust
  • Built-in rollers allow one person to easily move the turnstile


Park "Zaryadye", Moscow
Park "Kyrlay", Kazan