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Electronic Tatarstan

Electronic Tatarstan

Infomatika manufactures and provides maintenance of public services terminals, electronic queueing systems, develops and supports the cultural institutions ticket sales service of the Republic of Tatarstan.

Electronic Tatarstan is one of the most ambitious projects aimed at increasing the efficiency of internal and external work of Tatarstan state authorities in providing services to businesses and the public.

The main channel for electronic services is the Portal of State and Municipal Services of the Republic of Tatarstan at, the Portal offers 230 interactive state, municipal, and socially significant services. The services are also provided through the self-service terminals - infomats, as well as via the RT Services mobile application. To enable users to make an appointment with a specialists, state authorities and healthcare facilities are equipped with electronic queueing systems.




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electronic queueing terminals in healthcare facilities

Infomatika has been involved in the project since 2008, when, by the order of the Ministry of Informatization and Communication of the Republic of Tatarstan, our specialists developed the V5 series electronic government infomat, i.e. an electronic terminal that allows any citizen, in the self-service mode, to access a wide range of state, municipal, and socially significant services electronically.

Infomat consists of a large number of integrated devices that allow you to obtain information about public services, print out application forms, pay fees by bank cards and cash, scan documents and barcodes, receive audio and video advice, use a universal electronic card.

In 2008, it was a technically groundbreaking solution. For the first time, the infomat design included vertical screen arrangement, hand free video communication, separate keyless device access zones, a parameter monitoring and security controller.Besides, we used unconventional paper release and scanning unit design solutions.

In 2012 we introduced new generation V6 series public services infomats with an advanced ergonomic design, equipped with a fiscal data recorder, a pin-pad keyboard, and a card reader.

The 6th series infomats proved their reliability and effectiveness during the XXVII Summer Universiade in 2013. In addition to the RT Public Services Portal access, the infomats provided access to the Universiade information resources, including purchasing tickets to the events. More than 9,000 tickets to various competitions were sold via these terminals.

To date, 410 e-government infomats have been installed and are functioning in 37 localions of the Republic of Tatarstan.

As part of the Electronic Tatarstan project, more than 114 RT institutions have been equipped with electronic queueing systems based on Infomatika hardware: Traffic Police, Federal Migration Service, Civil Registry Office, employment centers, and social protection departments. 

Healthcare institutions of the Republic of Tatarstan have been equipped with 325 electronic queueing terminals.

The public ticketing services operate on the basis of the ticketing system of Lenta ACS developed by Infomatika. The service allows purchasing tickets online, on the site, via the infomats and through the RT Services mobile application. Today, Electronic Tatarstan infrastructure is used for selling tickets not only to public cultural institutions and sports competitions, but also to concerts, commercial and educational events.

Thus, in 2015, over 35,000 tickets to various events were sold.

Infomatika engineers perform the entire work scope on the project support, ensuring trouble-free twenty four seven equipment operation.