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EMIAS, Moscow

EMIAS, Moscow

As part of EMIAS project, Infomatika has developed and produced 1,800 specialized electronic queueing terminals for medical institutions of Moscow.
EMIAS is the Integrated Medical Information and Analytical System of Moscow. TThe project has been developed and is being implemented by the Information Technology Department and the Public Health Department as part of the Information City program, based on Moscow Government resolutions.

The Integrated Medical Information and Analytical System of Moscow is one of the most ambitious, organizationally complex, and socially significant IT projects in recent years. The project involves 4,500 specialists in various areas from more than 30 Russian IT companies. The system is used by 23,000 medical workers from over 670 institutions.

electronic queueing terminals


medical facilities

2,5 million

appointments every month

Within the project, Infomatika is responsible for development, production, and maintenance of the project specialized electronic queueing terminals.

The terminals enable users to make an appointment with a doctor in an unmanned manner and are equipped with readers which support different identifiers: barcode, magnetic stripe card, smart card, contactless card.

The first modification of the terminal was based on V.2.19 EQ Infomat with a 19" LCD screen and a SAW sensor. The second modification of Infomat V.9 terminal features an exclusive design developed specifically for the Information Technology Department of Moscow.

The design includes a projected capacitive touch screen and a 23.6" LCD screen. The front panel, the table and the lower niche of the terminal are made of tempered glass. The front table is illuminated in green, and the backlight of the table indicates the absence of grounding.

Our professionals provide maintenance of 1,800 infomats in 670 health facilities of Moscow.