Service configured to provide technical support for ticket sales systems

Ticketing system for each of our clients is certainly a showcase, a front office. This is true for a professional sports club, theater, amusement park, or museum. 

All viewers, fans, or visitors get their first impression of a future event when they buy a ticket. And of course, tickets are the most important, and sometimes the only, item of income. 

This is why technical support of our customers is always divided into two main parts.

  • THE FIRST is the technical support of our client's system itself and the personnel responsible for operating the TSACS.

    Responsibility is important here, accounting and registration of all requests, prompt response, readiness to help and consult.

  • THE SECOND PART is the support of our customers' customers – those very viewers and fans.

    We do this for and on behalf of our customer. We are responsible for the quality of the ticket purchase service and, ultimately, for the customer's reputation.

Providing call center services such as the FIRST LINE of customer support. 

A call center is to provide general reference information based on the data posted on the Customer's website, or to provide detailed information when providing an expanded list of standard questions and answers.

The SECOND LEVEL of technical support 

is provided by specially trained employees, for whom this is the main activity. The operating mode is the same as that of the first line.


  • Elimination of difficulties when registering in the online store,

    arising from the specific features of the buyer's mail server (the password may be sent by the mail service to spam or not reach the client).

  • Analysis of the causes and elimination of problems that occur when the customer pays. 

    The payment may not be made by the acquiring system if there are restrictions placed on the payer's card by the issuing bank. The buyer is often unaware of the existing restrictions.

  • Restore the buyer's username and password if they forgot them.

  • Assistance to the buyer if he didn't receive an e-ticket by email.

  • Conducting the refund procedure both in case of cancellation of the event,

    and at the request of the buyer, in accordance with the rules established by the organizer (collection of applications and related documents and conducting the refund procedure itself).

All of the above requires trained personnel and technology. So that no request is left unanswered. So that you don't lose any Viewer. Not a single Fan. Not a single Visitor.

Trust us with technical support and focus on the main things.


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