Russia is my history, Kazan

Equipping the multimedia historic park with ticket sales and access control system on the basis of Lenta-Museum TSACS.

Implemented in 2017

  • Introduction of Lenta-Museum TSACS;
  • Installation of mobile ticket check terminals – 7 sets;
  • Linea Pro NFC manual ticket scanners – 2 sets;
  • Installation of half-height double-leaved gates for people with limited mobility - 1 set;
  • Equipment of the server node and the personnel workstations: 3 cashier workstations, 2 manager workstations.

LENTA-Museum ticketing system ensures:

1. selling tickets and supplementary services of the complex including those for groups both via ticket offices and using online resources (the complex's own online store, third party ticket operators' web sites);
2. visitor access control;
3. attendance records by visitor categories;
4. guides working hours recording;
5. financial reports at various analytical levels.

The Russia is My History park is the only multimedia complex in the world that depictures the entire history of Russia from the earliest times to the present day, a "living" textbook that allows telling about vital steps in the destiny of the country in an exciting, understandable interactive form. The exhibition complex includes four permanent expositions: "The Romanovs", "The Rurikids", "1917-1945. From the great upheavals to the Great Victory, from the Victory in the Great Patriotic War to 2017.

In Kazan, the park is located in the territory of Kazanskaya Yarmarka exhibition center, the exhibition area here exceeds 5.5 thousand sq.m. The museum presents not only the history of Russia, but also the historical and cultural heritage of the peoples of Tatarstan from ancient times to the present day.

  • Ticket and supplementary services sales automation;
  • Access control automation;
  • Getting handy tools for selling group visit tickets;
  • Reliable financial and statistical reporting.